We see few movies in the theater these days.  And they are usually the ones the kids can attend too.  Like the fabulous, How to Train Your Dragon!  But last night we sent the kids off to bed and stayed up late with OnDemand movies and watched Inglourious Basterds which we liked as a film.  We agreed that Brad Pitt makes the movie and the movie is more interesting for the parts it makes up, gory as they may be, than for the history behind it.

But…I was disturbed nonetheless.  Like Atonement, it has a movie as therapy feel.  Unlike Atonement, IB doesn’t tell you the twist.  They assume you know that Hitler really committed suicide.  And that it took a lifetime to track down some of the highest ranking Nazi soldiers. But that while you know the reality of the history behind the story, you will suspend disbelief and go with the filmmakers on a journey of what they would have loved to see happen to Hitler and his henchmen.  The swastika etched into the forehead of every Nazi so that no one would ever be able to mistake them for ordinary citizens making justice, or revenge, easy.  But, as we know, it wasn’t. 

I am concerned that our impatience with the way reality unfolds in light of “reality” television and movies that rewrite history makes us even more likely to forget who we are, creatures in a world created, and not the Creator God.   This process of changing every ending to fit our definition of  happy. To make it more like what we would like life to be like rather than what it IS.  My main problem with this line of thinking is we so easily forget who we are and who God is and our place and purpose in this life that rewriting our stories seems likely just to complicate our remembering and identifying truth. 

Food for thought.  Blessings.


3 thoughts on “Movie Response:Inglourious Basterds (2009)

  1. Amy,

    Lighten up a little! “The German will know you, the German will fear you… I will get my scalps!” That was great stuff. We know it was fantasy, and at least the movie wasn’t “modern” because the bad guys were really just bad guys, and the good guys won. I like to have that kind of refreshing clarity in a movie.

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