We’re back in Narnia, Madeline and I. I waited for her to request returning to the complete works that we’ve been reading through at her pace for almost a year now. Tonight, one chapter of Prince Caspian is titled, “What Lucy Saw”. Perhaps, I had not seen this chapter before myself. Though, I’ve read them, read them to Mike and this should be my third reading…nonetheless, I found myself for the first time really seeing the relationship between Lucy and the Lion, Aslan.

Lucy sees Aslan from a distance. She knows he is telling her which way to go. The others don’t believe her. She follows them the wrong way. Finally, Aslan wakes her in the night and shows her how things must be. Though she is young she must follow Aslan, not her family and friends, even if they will not be persuaded to come with her. She must believe more in him than in them. Hmmm… At first she is congratulating herself for seeing him and knowing what he wanted, but he scolds her for not following what she knows is the right path, even if no one else believes her or would go with her. She is thinking just like her siblings. “What can I do alone? I am the youngest.” But she reminds herself in Aslan’s presence that she is not alone and he returns her to the group asking that she wake them and tell them to follow him now even though they probably will not see him as she does. She bemoans the task but goes about it anyway. We stopped there for the night. With Susan telling Lucy to go back to sleep, and Peter rolling over after seeming to hear and only Edmund, the grumpy, to help her finish the task.

No wonder we struggle so. We want it to be someone else at fault when we don’t do what we know. We want to blame someone else for not following the path rather than state the obvious truth that we have not obeyed the Lord’s call upon our lives. We do not like to work alone, or be the ones who are marked as “seeing things.” Yet, sometimes this is indeed God’s call on our lives. May we be as easily corrected as Lucy and rise to the task ahead, whatever it may be. Blessings!


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