If it were only that easy. 

The geese are pairing off.  They used to move in a gaggle now they seem to be dating.  Preparing to nest, mate, sit, and hatch young gosslings who will by this time next year be pairing off.

But not so with middle schoolers.  The tweens are rough years,  as you may recall if you haven’t blocked the memories, they make the relatively small amount of time that animals spend between young and adult seem attractive.  People, on the other hand, seem to prolong this phase as long as possible these days.  Avoiding growing up.  Bemoaning it.  Advertizing against it.  Openly mocking adults, watch any of the current live action Disney channel fare for confirmation. 

Yet, this is the plan.  This phase of life where we are “in between” is good practice for the rest of our lives in the already/not yet.  We know how things should be but we can’t quite seem to make the pieces fit the puzzle.  We know we shouldn’t but we do.  Or we know we should but we don’t.  Recognizing the phase will end does provide hope but it doesn’t always “feel” very hopeful.  And so I am thankful for this week of remembering that God in His gracious fatherhood has loved me in all my phases. He has given me the recognition of myself in the struggle of my middle schoolers who still need a mom, whether they want one or not.  Blessings.


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