We’ve been snowed in.  And snowed out.  Strange how I don’t feel like there is lots of time for me on an average day but now there is none.  Even the “sick” day in bed mostly from the dizziness I felt at lifting my head, included company from time to time.  A small, or smaller than my, body would snuggle up to inform me of the moments I was missing.  I did read about 15 pages of my quiet time book, though.  And tomorrow is a Federal holiday.  President’s Day.  The new Dodge commercial says it celebrates Washington buying his first car.  Funny?  Desperate?  Dumb?  Tuesday is Mike’s 13th birthday.  Would I wish him the presidency?  Probably not.  Though the country would benefit, I have no doubt.  But have you seen the age progression?  Pictures of self-assured, confident men at the top of their game progress to worry lines, greying hair and a constant frown quickly.  The weight of the nation is obviously heavy.  And then there are Olympic athletes everywhere on t.v..  Young, self-assured, confident, at the top of their games faced with the unexpected death of one of their own.  Yet, most will still compete and a few will even win a medal.  What an amazing committment of resources for a fleeting moment of glory.  It sure does look good to win.  It looks equally ugly to fall on the moguls!  So I’m here waiting for the daily routine to reappear.  Waiting for the last flake to fall and be shovelled to the top of a pile that already belongs in the record books.  Waiting for school to reopen.  Waiting for the carpool to bring the kids home from Youth Group.  And waiting to see what God will do next.  I’m sure it will be GOOD!  Even if it snows.  Blessings.


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