This morning I was interrupted by a phone call an hour after dropping the little boys at the elementary school.  Maria, the school secretary had taken the youngest’s temperature and given him water for a tummy ache and he threw it up.  His temp was low, not high. I brought him home.  He didn’t feel great this morning and complained about a tummy ache.  But we went to bed later than usual and I thought he might just be tired.  I thought I had plans.  Now I still have plans they just aren’t the ones I planned and will have to include a seven year old. Who, after barfing once more on the way to the bathroom, feels MUCH better and is keeping down food and drink, as well as watching Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network while playing guitar. 

So much for reading, writing, uploading.  But I was able to get a little extra rest while he slept after coming home. The new plans include laundry, vaccuming, and carpet cleaning that will help the general clean up of the house and it isn’t an unpleasant way to spend Monday.  Quietly, talking about the weekend festivities and listening to guitar and piano being learned.  And in these moments I see clearly why I’m home.  Of course, the school nurse called from the Middle school to say another one had been in with a sore throat but without a fever was sent back to class.  I told her I’d come get her if she returned with more complaints and made a mental note to get more cough drops.  19 degrees this morning.  Maybe we should have all stayed home. 

The family question at the beginning of every vacation is “What do you need for a good vacation?”  Answer: “Flexibility and a good attitude.” (Someone usually adds, “A beach house with a pool.”) but in the end it seems a reasonable answer for getting through most days.  May you find flexibility and good attitude to enjoy the small things in each day provided by plan or Providence.   Blessings.


3 thoughts on “Interrupted

  1. Sorry Max was sick. Hope the others and you and Steve can avoid it. Plans have a way of changing don’t they. I think it must be God’s way of preparing us for the future.

  2. Great post! That is exactly what I need as I prepare to head to Honduras in a couple weeks! Flexibility and a good attitude. 🙂 Hope you all have a peaceful night’s rest.

  3. Thanks Ellen, we did! All went to school/work today and I went to Container Store to try to get organized. Blessings for you and Matt as you prepare and travel.

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