It turns out that even in virtual reality I’m still me.  I love that Brad Paisley song, “So Much Cooler On Line”  what hilarity!  Yet, with all the excitement of snow,  school returns, doctors appointments and me time this week I’ve overdone it a bit.  Just like last year, and the year before, and the year before that.  At the end of each of these annual over-scheduled, hectic, crazy days I vow to slow down, read more, sit more, think more. 

Then I joined Facebook! And WordPress!  Now my down time is spent uploading.  I enjoy it, really.  I have lots of good things, and cute kids to show off.  But it calls me while I’m doing other things.  I think to myself, I’ll just check my mail then… do the laundry or other not so connected tasks like dinner making.  When I’m disappointed that I don’t get any mail, or updates, I assume it means people are out having more fun, or doing more useful, purposeful tasks which they’ll post later for me to envy.  So I search for something else or someone else to add to my list so that next time I log on maybe they’ll say hi. 

My hubby, the introverted guitar guy still has twice as many friends.  This should make me happy for him, right?  Not, dare I say, competitive.  Yep.  Still me.  I hope the unholiday season find you well and able to juggle what comes your way with patience and laughter in the knowlege that God loves to hear us laugh, and is present even in our deepest sorrows, busiest days, or yes, even our everyday lives!  Blessings.


One thought on “Ahh, Still Me

  1. I’m always glad to talk to you and I read your blog daily or look at Facebook. Wish I knew more about uploading. I tried to send my word doc. via email and failed miserably.

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