Maybe we should post signs.  You know, warning people not to get too comfortable.  Another year brings lots of excitement when it is new.  But new, as we know, is temporary and fleeting.  Tonight is a coffee house at SGPCA.  Max will be playing piano publicly for the first time!  Madeline has opted for audience status, Mike will be drumming for Jeff Bullard, a Middle School Dad with a gift for Jazz who is also a drummer but only has enough hands for piano tonight, and Steve will be moving between sound and stage.  A typical division of labor and talents and in some ways just another event.  In other ways, symbolic of the passage of time as God grants opportunities for relationships to deepen, talent to be encouraged within the Body of Christ, and time together to strenthen our friendships.  May your year be full of God’s presence.  May you experience the reality of being held in His hands.  Blessings for a happy new year.


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