I’m not sure I’ll get to post again before 2010.  I’m going to start a new page then.  For now it was a good Christmas to relax and enjoy the immediate family.  I didn’t seem to offend too many people with my slow take on the celebrations this year.  Looking forward to finishing up the week off with the kids.  Poor Steve has to work to get ready for another trip later in January.  I’m wearing my cool Hawaii team jersey from the University in honor of his work on our behalf.  Next week starts off with two days of work at school and two days of driving to Baltimore for Max’s annual research testing.  Just mornings each day.  Last year we only made it through one of two days due to an unhappy mixture of attitude and weather.  I feel we should participate since the program clearly helped Max and this is his next to last year to participate and as of November 2010 he will no longer be classified as Special Ed by the school!  What a great God we serve.  Blessings for a Happy New Year.  Love,  Amy


One thought on “Last Page of 2009

  1. Great blogs Amy,
    I’m behind in reading. Very reflective. We missed Grandma too. Made me get out my memories book to get started. It’s clearly necessary to sit back and take and make time to reflect on the wonder of the Incarnation.

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