Today I wasted more than an hour arriving early for a doctor’s appointment with my usual general practice doctor.  Upon arrival I was informed that they no longer take my insurance and would have to self-pay then file with my company.  O.K., I thought, I’m here so I’ll go with it.  Of course, they asked me my insurance company on the phone when I called so why didn’t they mention it?

I put on the, “if you’re sick wear this…” mask and sat down.  The minutes ticked by and patients who arrived after me went in, and came out.  No one else wore the mask.  At 40 minutes I asked about the wait, never having waited more than 15 minutes in my previous experience with their office.  I was informed that the nurse I had agreed to see because my doctor was booked for the day couldn’t see me because they didn’t have an examination room free.   At 45 minutes I filed out a form to receive my medical records from the years of my visits and left.  Fuming and writing a letter to my doctor, former doctor, copied to the Better Business Bureau in my head, or while yelling to myself in the van. (After the rant on the blog, naturally.)

Having not achieved antibiotics however, I still needed a doctor.  So, I walked in, to the Walk-In Clinic around the corner from my house.  The staff was friendly, efficient, and within 15 minutes I’d been seen by a nurse, a doctor, paid only $30 and walked out with Azithhromycin for the next 5-days which is sure to be just the ticket to stop sounding like I swallowed a frog by next Sunday!   Yea!  How hard can it really be?  Apparently as hard as I let it be…


2 thoughts on “Saved by the Box

  1. Sorry you are still sick my dear. What a hassell with the doctor? Is there a way we can know automatically when you have a blog.

  2. On the right of the articles when you first check the blog is a link that says e-mail subscription. If you click that and enter your e-mail address it will let you know in your inbox when there is a new blog.

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