I wrote this for the church newsletter, The Light.  As I reflect back on ‘09 I think it reminds me of how much blessing there is to being part of a church family.

September is more likely to be a usual month for moms to be anxious about the changes in their children’s lives.  But this year, June is my month.  Today, Max was sent home from school. He responded poorly when the people around him were fooling around in Music class.   Yet, it’s May.  He has spent nine months in mainstream Kindergarten with little extra support.  He is reading!  He is telling time.  And, for better, or sometimes worse, he’s paying attention to the people around him and taking cues from them about how to behave.  How awesome! God has been so good to us to provide places where Max can be Max.

Thank you to all who have prayed us to this point in the journey.  We celebrate all the opportunities to participate in the Kingdom work of nurturing up each of our children.  From Madeline’s terrific performance as Daniel and her move to the Middle School youth group to Michael joining the church as a communicant member, we are grateful to have such a loving, praying community to be part of our lives.  Thank you very much!


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