I finally finished reading Daniel M. Doriani’s The Sermon on the Mount:  The Character of a Disciple.  The first gem was near the end and I hope it inspires you to pray more specifically for your church.  I know it has convicted me.  The second quote applies in how/why we can  pray with confidence for others knowing that our King cares for us.

If we follow the pattern of Scripture, we will pray for God’s material provision and for His spiritual gifts, with an emphasis on the latter… Christian leaders might pray for their local church like this:  that those who seek Christ will find him here, that the weary and lonely will find welcome and a home, and that if we grow we will still welcome and disciple people one by one.  We should pray that all will grow in knowledge and obedience to God, that all will engage the culture, and that every teacher, lawyer, and businessman or woman will strive to serve God and neighbor at work.  (page 198)
If we seek first the kingdom, the King will provide the food and shelter we need to live.  Therefore, we need not be anxious about tomorrow, because God will take care of it (see Matthew 6:25-34, page 196).

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