These words are paraphrased from one of my favorite books for this season, Grateful:  A Song of Giving Thanks, by John Bucchino.  I’m saddened that this season seems to get shorter each passing year.  I’ve started turning off the radio in order to avoid Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

As usual, the Lord has provided remedy for the steady slide from very little thankfulness, or gratitude to the consuming greed that has become Christmas.  I’m reading The Sermon of the Mount:  The Character of a Disciple by Daniel M. Doriani and here are the most helpful quotes for developing a heart that is grateful.

As we chart our life’s course, we must decide where to set our eyes and affections.  We can set our hearts on wealth or on God.  We can set our eyes on material goods or on the kingdom.  We can live with generosity and openness or with stinginess and greed.  Which object of our affection and attention promises a better life? (page 170)
We set out on a desperate, hopeless quest when we search for fulfillment where it cannot be found…If God cares for the greater thing, for life as a whole, then he certainly cares for the lesser things, the constituent parts of life that sustain us each day. (page 173)
Wealth is a lesser good—a useful servant, but a miserable master. (page 181)

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